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replacing windshield-sealant
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Ive got one of those 3/8x15ft of round bead seal from Advance Auto. I was informed by a guy there that it is not what to use. He says the round bead is just to leave space between the windshield so cauking can be applied to fill the gap. Is this true? Ive used this to install atleast one windshield and have had no problem. Any ideas/comments?
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If it helps, I watched the guy replace my windshield and he peeled out all old everything down to bare metal, laid a HEAVY bead of black silcone and put the windshield on that. I asked him what the difference was, and he said windshield silicone is stickier, more viscous (to hold the winshield off the frame while it dries) and full of VOC's so it dries quick.

People that have actually done this will have a better answer but that's what I saw.
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Matt S is correcton the procedure, but the sealent used is urethane. The windshield is a part of the structure of the car and has to be firmly adhered to the metal for structural as well as safety reasons. The procedure is to remove all old sealer and prime the metal with black urethane primer and lay down a thick bead of urethane and set the glass into it. A butyl rubber bead is applied after the glass is in place around the edge of the windshield to fill the space between the urethane and the edge of the windshield opening that is covered by the trim. In actual practice the butyl is ommitted and the urethane fills the space as excess is applied and squeezes out the edge when the glass is pressed into place.

If the round bead seal you have is butyl rubber it could be used in the installation of the rear window, but should not be used on the windshield.
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