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replacing rear fender
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Is this possible, because if I could it would take care of some of my dent and rust problems on my car. I ask cause a dent repair guy told me to get a new rear fender instead of having the dents taken out. Thanks

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At the body shop i work at a rear fender (quarter panel) takes about a day or two to do, and these are by guys that do this day in and out. you have to remove the rear glass and the rear side glass, the interior in the back on that side, the trunk lining, and all moldings around, including bumpers, then you have to cut the old one out, and replace with a new one, or used, and that requires welding it back in. this process it very long and it has to be lined up perfect, or it will lok bad, i owudl not recommnd doing it ona car this old unless you plan on keeping the car for along time, they just got doena 96 coagar and it was 1500 bucks for it to be done, and he got a break cuz he new the owner, so its not cheap

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