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Replacement of all coolant hoses
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(01-15-2022, 03:15 AM)anasazi4st Wrote:
(01-13-2022, 05:55 AM)Cleven Wrote: I replaced most of mind because of the car sitting so long with coolant in it. I took them off and went by the hardware store and got hose. Much cheaper than he auto parts store!

I think you’ll find that some of the pre-curved small hoses work better than bulk hose, for applications like the thermostat elbow for example. A cut bulk hose will likely kink and close off the hose (ask me how I know this).

Gates #20338 did the trick for me in that regard. Also, the small hoses that connect to the oil filter cooler were Gates 20338, and a few other places.
That hose by the thermostat was replaced it looks like. I suspect they replaced it when they did the timing belt back in 99 before the fuel system crashed.

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