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replacement brake caliper
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I did a search and did not come up with anything where does everybody get them preferably reman and also are teh calipers on the svo the same as the ones on the turbocoupes? Also I am refering to both front and rear calipers. Thanks OK found out that the front calipers are teh same what about the rear des any one know

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Front calipers on the T/C and the SVO are not the same.They are however a direct swap,difference being the T/C calipers have like a 56mm piston(they are the same as on the fox body 5.0 Mustangs)the SVO calipers have a 70 mm piston,i.e. more clamping force.I'm not POSITIVE but I think the rears are the same.The 70mm fronts can also be sourced from Mark VII's,they are like $10 bucks from the parts store.The rear calipers can also be sourced from other cars like Mustangs,Tauruses,and few others that escape me at the moment.Look here...;t=020187

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