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Replaced the injectors over the weekend
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I solved mysterious several problems by replacing the injectors with a good used set.

For the last 2 years I kept getting more and more frustrated with an idle problem. It would mis at idle at an irregular interval. I kept thinking it had to be something with the ignition, but not so. I ended up with a new motorcraft ingnition, one part at a time.

The car finally developed a leaking injector and I found a replacement set that completely solved the problem!!!

When I rebuilt the engine 2 years ago, I took the injectors to a shop and had them professionally cleaned and checked out. That's why I kept ruling them out as a cause of the problem. Now it seems obvious that they were the cause.

Right about the time it started to leak a little fuel I noticed that the trip computer showed that I had used 17 gallons, but I was putting in over 19 gallons. Normally that computer was right on the money so that was a strange thing to see. If it was leaking internally as well, that might have been right.

It never ran bad; it would just intermittently idle a bit rough.

Anyway, if anyone is trying to fix an irregular idle mis, it may just be your injectors.
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Well that's good to know.

I'm chasing a similar idle problem. I have the ever present slow to idle down problem and recently have developed the wanting to die when stopping problem.

No codes come up.

I have yet to check the TPS or clean the IAC.

Last time I solved this with a different VAM.

Who knows...maybe my injectors too ???

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My old injectors had close to 200,000 mi. on them, so I guess it isn't all that surprising that they had a problem.

It never had a code and if I hadn't had a slow fuel leak develop, I'd still be driving with them.

There are a few other little things that are better now with these injectors.

It actually has a fast idle when cold (1200 rpms), and before it sat very close to 1k rpms.

It was also starting to have a strange surge when I let off the gas pedal, which is gone now.

Best thing about the injectors has to be the rock solid 1k rpms at idle when it warmed up. It really feels like a new car now. My Christmas present to myself!
'88 TC 5sp, K&N cone, t3.60/.63, ported head, Felpro 1035, Walbro 255 hi pres., Kirban FPR., 3g Alternator

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