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Replace Front Springs Or Not ?
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Ok so since this is a new forum, I have a pertinent question. I have completely purchased all new parts for the front suspension and I mean everything,(rack to the poly bushings) ...except the springs.

Now my question is should I replace the springs and what criteria would I use to determine this?

I believe they are the originals but I am not sure and they sure seemed to keep the car level. The car is an 85 TC and plan to do the rear suspension and maybe rear springs as well???
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You can check the distance from the center of the wheel hub to the fender lip on both sides to determine if the car is level. The 87-88 car is above 15 inches both front and rear and an 85 should be similar, that is with a normal load on level ground. Below 15 inches the height should be checked with the OEM specs. Check the bottom coil in the front for cracks or a broken coil. This is not always obvious as the car's weight pushes down on the broken part and keeps it in position.
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