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Replace a Rear Crankshaft Seal
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Hey Guys,

I was just wondering how to replace the Rear crankshaft seal on my 83 2.3L TurboCoupe. I have removed the transmission and flywheel. It appears the seal is just press fit in, How should I go about removing the old one and do I need a special tool to install the new one or can I just lightly tap it in evenly with a hammer?


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You can remove the old seal using a puller(rental) or you can put screws in it, being careful not to hit the crank, and pull it out.

You will want to install the new seal gently and evenly using something as a driver such as pvc or you can use the old seal. You want it flush with the block. You can put a little oil on the inside of the seal where it rides the crank.
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