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Removing Windshield Trim
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Greetings everyone.

I setup an appointment to replace my cracked windshield glass with Safelite.

They called me and said I had rust on the pillar/pillars.  I'm calling BS as this car has never seen a single Minnesota winter and the car has sat inside in the winters (it does see rain in the spring/summer/fall) so I suspect they are unable to get something needed for the vehicle and didn't want to do the repair.

A.  Has anyone else had this happen with no body/undercarriage rust but their pillars rusted?
B.  How do I remove the trim so I can visually inspect the pillars and determine if this is true and how I might be able to fix it if this is the case?
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Removing the trim is self-evident. There are clips on the upper strip that will need to be released, a plastic tool—like a “spudger” (do a Google search)—is a help without damaging the paint. The rest of the trim is held on with screws.

I recently had my windshield replaced due to many stone chips (first since 1992); I removed all its trim before the installer arrived as many have no idea how to do that with our older cars.

There was a small amount of rust around the screw holes. We get little rain here and there is no road salt, so it is possible.

There is a windshield available around your car, as I just got one. But BE WARNED that there are few if any options for the rear window. I just had all the tinting replaced—all the original factory tint had faded badly, and dark tinting is a necessity with the Phoenix sun and heat; but I am forced to use back glass from a salvage car and have it retinted as we could not find any new ones.
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