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Removing the Rear Axels?
BigNug Offline
My 85 TC built in Apr 85 has the drums off the car and the rear end cover. What needs to be done to remove the axels? Thanks. Looks like 2ea S clips are holding the axels in place. Is that correct and if so how to remove them without stuff flying everywhere?

Jeff K Offline
You do not need to remove the "S" spring.

First, remove the bolt that holds the pinion shaft in (and hope it doesnt break). The pinion shaft will just slide out after the bolt is removed. Push the axle in as far as it will go. Remove the "C" shaped washer from the end of the axle. Slide the axle out.
Jeff Korn

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Ditto to what Jeff said. It can be intimidating but do it enough times and it's a snap. I bent the housing on this axle before and was replacing the rear axle seal on the pass side every week or two. Got to be like changing the oil. =)
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