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removing permatex easily
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not necessarily a 'tool', but when I replaced my stock shifter with an mgw short throw shifter a few months back, I found something to remove the old permatex that's a lot easier than using a razor blade, whether a metal blade or one of the plastic ones....a melamine sponge (aka mr. clean magic eraser)! they're super cheap on amazon and all you need to do is wet it and get to work.  I was able to remove all of the old gasket material in about 5 minutes flat...

these are the sponges I bought:

some pics...

this is just after breaking the shifter free from the transmission:

[Image: JlAU0lJ.jpg]

after some scraping with a metal and plastic razor blade:

[Image: lFtpGht.jpg]

cleaning up with the melamine sponge:

[Image: 2bXQgoX.jpg]

[Image: cwXxyTb.jpg]

and just for show...the new shifter!

[Image: pO36FEx.jpg]

[Image: liOgi7C.jpg]

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