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Removing paint from a painted A-pillar
Forcedbird Offline
I bought an A-pillar with a 2 gauge pod mounted to it. The person that I bought from painted it gray. I'd like to strip the paint from it, but I am scared that regular paint thinner would hurt the plastic.

Could someone tell what to use to strip the paint and where to get it?

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It will dependon what type of paint was used . You can start with the least damaging to the plastic which would be a full streght degreaser(simple purple , simple green etc ) which should loosen interior die specially if applied poorly .Next would be denatured alcohol (protect your hands )which works with latex and some acrylics .If that does not work there are the solvents , mineral spirits and laquer thinner . This two could damage the plastic so test it in a hidden edge or corner and protect your hands .Do not use goof-off or zylene solvent it will eat right through .In any case you can always lightly sand it ( 400 grit or finer ) , use a adhesion promoter and then re paint in your color of choice .Not every piece of plastic reacts the same so try at your own risk . Good luck .

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Howdy! If the existing paint is adhered OK, why not just prep it, prime it, and paint it the new color? It will save you some work and you won't have to worry about killing the plastic.

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If the paint is good do as Joe says. If it is not and needs to be stripped, then go to your local autopaint dealer and buy some plastic parts stripper. It comes in a spray can and is safe for plastics. Ask the counter person and they should know what it is. DO NOT use lacquer thinner, it will melt the plastic. Hope this helps...Tommy

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