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Removing Door Mouldings
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Does anyone have a recommended procedure for removing the body side moldings from the doors without damaging them badly ?  I just replaced the doors on the my 88 Turbo Coupe and wanted to install the moldings over to the new doors.

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Get them good and warm on a hot sunny day or CAREFULLY heat them with a heat gun. Use a thin metal wire (I have used .030 MIG wire from my MIG welder). Get the wire under the trim at one end and pull it up/down to "saw" thru the double sided tape that attaches them to the door. Not fun to do, and takes a while to do.
Jeff Korn

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What Jeff said or u can use fishing line too

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I need to remove my door molding and repair some rust and had the same question; how do you remove it? I found this thread which answered that question, but I have a question to add to it? Do they make special body molding tape to reinstall the molding or do you use something different? What do you guys use to reinstall the molding?

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That's a good question,,maybe 3m double sided tape??
That's why I don't wanna mess with the side moldings

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