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DO NOT buy a reman engine from the following vendors. ATK/Vege(O'Reilly, Pep Boys, Napa, & Carquest) or Recon(AutoZone)... The following supply ATK/Vege: Marshall and Grooms...

I work for ATK and noticed that the turbo engines(dfc8, dfc4, and df58) all have h559p pistons in them. These are cast flat top pistons that will crack or let go... I noticed this and brought it to my boss's attention and he did nothing. Even said, and I do quote, "If the piston manufacturers make cast flat tops for these motors then they must have seen no reason that they would fail in normal conditions. So we won't change either."

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Jason Schaffer
88TC - 5speed, all options but leather and sunroof
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WOW [Image: eek.gif]

I know that some people have had some serious porblems because they were given hypertectonic (sp???) and they cracked.

I wonder if the pistons that your boss is buying are ment for the associated NA engines and he's just looking at the engine code/size?!?!

Either way, he's still an a$$hole for not doing anything even after a MAJOR problem was brought to his attention.
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Given the durability of the 2.3t, if I ever need to replace an engine I'm going to get one from a junkyard that has a decent warranty.

A friend of mine has an 86 Buick with the 3.8 V6. It had a rebuilt engine when he got it, it went about 60k miles before having problems. He replaced it with a junkyard 3.8 which now has over 120k miles on it, and it runs great.
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Good info. Hey Pete, Can we add this to the FAQ?
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Yeah, with a few weasel words [Image: biggrin.gif]
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