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Red Ebrake light gremlin
Just got done with a bunch of work... Now under high boost levels, and hard braking, the red emergency brake light will flicker, or stay on for a beief period. I know my brakes are overdue. Is this her telling me she needs new pads/ rotors, or something more to worry about??

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Not sure of the 87-88's have a sensor for this or not, but it could be low brake fluid. Worth checking anyways.
Brian Leavitt
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My ebrake pedal has the ever so slightest play in it at the top, so under hard braking, it would pull the pedal down a teeny tiny bit and make the red brake light come on. Try the heavy braking while holding up on the ebrake pedal with your other foot and see if it does it then.
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+1 on the ebrake switch, mine is only off at the top of the pedal travel.
Chris Perry
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