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Recommendation for replacing PRC struts and shocks?
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Is replacing the PRC struts and shocks with non PRC's on my 88 TC as simple as just obtaining some new ones that are spec'd for say a Sport model or does it get more complicated than that?
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I have been told Koni Yellow with H & R race springs are amazing, but I don't think you will find anything that handles like the PRC, plus when you are on very rough roads you can set to auto for a smooth ride, I'm trying to find a extra set of PRC struts & shots for our Mark VII Special Edition, I hear they are a direct fit. The automatic switching won't happen due to lack of sensors: G-Force, Braking and Acceleration, but I'm fine with the switch to change settings.....
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I just bought a set of Tokico D-specs (10 way adjustable).
P.M me later for test results. They're being shipped this week. As far as I know you need a standard Tbird strut mounts (tops) same year model. I got Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates instead.
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We put KYB GR2 struts on our LeMon and cut 1 1/2 coils. They work very well.

I believe we ordered for a Mustang GT, and installed home made 1/8" thick spacers.

here is one for the 5.0 T bird:
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