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recirculating bov?
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where and how does a bov install on the tcs? does it go on the intake pipe after the turbo. this is the way i would do it but need advice. can i just drill a hole in the pipe after the turbo thjat connnnnects to the trottle body and mount the bov and connect to the vaccum hose tee that goes to the waste gate? i do have a home made boost controller that is connnected to the tee will this pose a problem or can i just make a four way tee with the inlet from the wastegate, one theat goes to the turbo,one that goes to my boost controller,and one that is the vaccum off of the bov? any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The hose diameters are going to be around 5/8 to 3/4, maybe even 1" so no you don't connect it to a vacuum T.
The BPV can be anywhere so to speak but the feed to it must be located between the compressor outlet and the throttle body. The outlet side need to feed back into the system in front of the compressor inlet. Some people have drilled the compressor inlet tube and put in a fitting that a hose from the valve can attach to.

If you don't have an inter cooler, then drilling the tube from the outlet to the TB will work. If you have a stock intercooler, then drilling it on the passenger fender side of the intercooler has been done by many. This is what was done in the picture. This is SteveX2's setup. Dan and I are also running essentially the same setup

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