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Rebuilt the stock motor mounts... 87 TC
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There have been a few posts on this topic, but no follow up... This is what I ended up doing.

When installing a new motor, I used Chuck's mounts with the softer bushings. They worked well but transmit too much vibration for my taste, so....

I bought some replacement mounts from autozone (Duralast 2661)... these are slightly bigger (both diameter and height) by approximately 1/4" than the larger right side mount and considerably larger that the left mount.

The replacement mount bolted right in the right mount, but needed a hole drilled in the bracket for the left mount. The holes on the left mount bracket are both on the same side versus across from each other as on the right mount. I used the stock mount and marked the position on the bracket in relation to the mount stud to determine where to put the new hole.

When installing the mounts, I needed to install the top bracket to the block before putting the lower mount in since access to one of the bolts is blocked by the larger mount. It was pretty easy to do from above... Once done with the block brackets I loosely installed the lower mount to the K member and left the nut on the isolator stud loose.

Once the engine was lowered back down, everything tightened up easily.

Observations... with Chucks mounts the engine stays stationary when revved, with the Autozone mounts, the engine will move from the torque similar to the stock mounts.

The vibration in the car is pretty much eliminated and I am satisfied with the results.

Note on the Autozone mounts... There are two brands, DEA and Duralast. The DEA are all rubber while the Duralast are hydraulic and are both rubber and metal. The Duralast mounts are what I used... they did look like they were made better... They both have the same 2661 part number.
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Thats good info to have. Thanks for posting. I'll put a copy in the Part Number forum
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