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Rebuilding bottom end, hows my list?
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I just dropped off my engine block, crank, rods, and pistons at the machine shop.
The machine shop is going to:
clean, magnaflux, and prep block
bore and hone (either .020 or .030 over)
install new aux shaft bearings
install freeze and oil galley plugs
surface block
recondition rods (big end ??)
hone small end of rod for steel floating pin
polish and balance crank
also install ARP rods bolts

The guy tried looking for some forged pistons from his end to save some cost but couldn't quite find an exact factory replacement. I already had my mind made up on the cp pistons from boport so I'll probably go with those unless somebody else has another valid suggestion.

How does this sound for rebuilding the bottom end of my engine?
The head is good but I will upgrade it later, my main goal is to get this thing back on the road with the shortblock ready for at least factory performace.
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If you going to use CP pistons, the machinist needs to bore the block to CP's specs, not some generic 'forged piston' specs, so I would not have them do anything on that end until you decide what kind of pistons you are going to use.
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Yea we were discussing that and I told him that I want it bored to either .020 or .030 over or else Il find a different block that can be bored within spec
He also told that he won't bore it until I have purchased the pistons.
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As long as your HP goal is less than 375-400rwhp, stock rods should be ok. If you think you will be even in that ballpark down the road, change the rods to something better while everything is apart.
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