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Rear window trim
whyty88tc Offline
Has anyone had success in retrofitting metal trim pieces to a car equiped with the one piece plastic trim?
My rear window needs to be replaced (I ruined the defroster grid removing window tint) while my plastic trim is in one piece (a couple small cracks). While the window is out I am thinking of replacing it with metal trim pieces (if they would fit). I know I would have to install trim clips to hold the trim but is the body designed allow it?
I would like to get the car painted this spring/summer and I don't think the one piece trim will hold up to another install and removal. fordpartsonline say they have one but it isn't worth sending due to cost and possible damage???.
I know this is off topic but does anyone have an extra one piece trim in good shape for sale?
Gary F

William Waters Offline
the metal trim pieces have a t shaped piece welded to body that metal clips fit on the cars with plastic trim do not have these mounting posts it looks like it would be a lot of trouble to remove them from another car and weld them on a different car

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