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Rear spoiler
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I’ve seen some rear spoilers on 88 tc that look factory.  Was there a spoiler offered?  If so where can I get one. This is what I’m looking for.  Can anyone help me?

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I just saw this after a long winter of not checking the site, and no, there was not any factory spoilers available for our birds, there were however aftermarket kits available. I got one off of a 1986 a few years back, it looks more like a lip spoiler, not a pedestal wing type. I can take some pics this weekend to show you, I think the 86 trunk back end is the same as an 88.
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The dealerships in '87-88 seemed to use the same pedestal mounted rear spoiler.  If you zoom in on the blue TC you can see the type:
[Image: vFzc0B3.png]

I decided to go a different direction:
[Image: MIvhMgW.jpg]
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There were multiple spoiler options for the T Bird as opposed to the one that came with my body package on my XR7 with the side skirts and front air dam. There’s what I call a “whale tail” looking wing to them.

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What spoiler is that on the grey one?

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