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Rear sound deadening...
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get rid of it, quick!

my trunk has leaked for a while, and we know how carpet will hold the water, and dry, and itll bad after a few cycles of this

so recently i pulled out my trunk carpet, so i could steam clean it, get rid of the stench, and make it look clean again, to find out that ford used some rubberized foam thats maybe 1/4 inch thick for sound deadening, in addition to the jute on the bottom of the carpet

well, this foam crap holds moisture, for long periods of time, the carpet has been dry for days, and my trunk was still wet, so it was time to rip all of the insulation out, and it held a lot of water

now im in the process of getting rid of all the rust so im able to paint the trunk to protect it in cast this happens again

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Mine last TC wasn't that bad and it had a broken back window that went unfixed/uncovered for a couple of months. Everything in the cabin suffered extensive water damage, but the rubberized foam stuff held up fine. I peeled it back in several places throughout the car (had the entire interior out) to check for rust and it was all dry.

I suggest putting a few containers of Damp Rid in carefully selected places of your car. If you drive like a maniac, use the ones that hang up for closets so it doesn't get everywhere. It really helps with smells and pulls a LOT of moisture out of the car. Back when I got rid of the car, I had left it untouched for a couple of weeks and during this time, the Damp Rid managed to pull out about 15 oz of water from the air in the cabin. I swear by it, it works very well and we have it in every car now.

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