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Rear Pinion seal leaking
ABird Offline
I'm needing some guidance on getting parts.  I'd like to get other parts in the rear replaced along with the rear pinion seal.  I know that there is play in the drive shaft U joint.  I'm taking it to a shop for the work to be done.  Thanks in advance.

Jeff K Offline
New U joints are a fairly easy install. Hour or so job once the car is in the air. I have probably replaced 20 or more U joints over the last 50 years in various cars. Shouldnt be too expensive labor wise. Be sure to get replacement U joints that have grease fittings so they can be greased on a regular basis. I greased every several years the new ones should last forever.

New pinion seal isnt too bad either. I have done a few seal replacements in the past. Companion flange is removed by removing the pinion nut, and the old seal is then popped out, and new seal installed. It is CRITICAL that the pinion nut be torqued properly to get the proper preload after the seal is replaced. There are several ways to do this.

I suggest you go to a shop that specializes in driveline repair versus a general shop for this work who knows how to do this as incorrect pinion bearing preload will fairly quickly damage the differential.
Jeff Korn

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Thanks Jeff, I ordered the parts and will have the local transmission shop install.

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