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Rear end Lube
Gregg Offline
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#1 seal at the rear end is bad, and i Have to replace it.. becasue of this i am losing oil...
My question is, what should I use in the meantime? The leak isn't that bad....

It's an 87 TC, 5 Speed..
Also, is there anyway I can check the tranny fluid?

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Pete D Offline
I think I used 80-115W in mine. You can check the fluid in the tranny by removing the upper of the two plugs on the passenger side of the trans. Use Dexron II or III in the trans.

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Jeff K Offline
Rear end: just get some 75W90 or 80W90 hypoid gear lube from the parts store to refill the rear (the stuff that smells so bad it makes you want to puke). After you get the leak fixed, I suggest going to a synthetic, like Mobil 1 gear lube. If you use the Mobil 1, you dont have to add friction modifier.

Tranny: there is a check / fill plug about half to 2/3 of the way up the tranny, located directly above the drain plug. It is on the pass side, if my memory serves me correctly. The fluid (Dextron II or III auto tranny fluid is what is used in the World Class T5) should be up to the bottom of the check / fill hole. If low, just add until it overflows out the hole.

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

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