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Rear Defrost Ground
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Wheres the ground to the rear defrost located i want to check that out and see if its causeing a load on my alt, it whines when under load rear defrost and headlights on.

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A bad ground at the defroster will not cause a excessive load on the alt.... if the ground is bad, the defroster will not draw any current. The ground is not your problem.

The rear defrost draws a fair amt. of curent... a little over 10 amps if memory serves me. THis, along with lights does put extra load on the alt. When alts whine under load, they are in the early stages of failure.

Jeff Korn

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Then I have a serious problem that I know is not the alternators, its has to be the wiring gone awry somewhere. This is my 3rd alternator (3G), my first 2 were stock oem that went bad one year to the date practically. This one I bought in Omaha a little over a year ago, its almost these alts im buying come with a one year break down timer built in, almost funny! almost [Image: frown.gif]

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I sometimes pays to buy one with a lifetime warrenty. I just picked one up from NAPA. The 3 year warrentied on was $165. The lifetime warrenty was $160. Do you guys think I should spead an extra $5 for a 3 year warrenty instead of a lifetime one? I Think Not !!!

Tony Sceia
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