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rear deck material replacement
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Anybody have a good source for the short nap carpet like material on the rear deck?

Is it just that superflex or ozite type? The photos of what I see seems like it has too long of a nap.

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I just went to the local fabric store and hunted around until I found some fabric that was a near perfect match. Glued it over the ratty original with a can of spray adhesive.
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What you are looking for is called Acoustic Carpet. The same carpeting they use for speaker boxes. If you get the good stuff, and not the cheap Chinese carpet off ebay, it matches the factory rear deck Carpet 100% in texture and nap, and is the only matching fabric that won't block any sound whatsoever from your rear speakers. It usually only comes in Dark Grey or Black, but you can bleach or dye it to match your interior. Since my interior is already Dark Grey, it worked out. My factory package tray piece was extremely ratty and falling apart, so I had to cut a new one out of headliner cardboard, so that the fabric would have a stable/permanent base to glue onto. It makes a big difference in your interior, and doesn't cost much to do.
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I got a rather large piece for free at the salvage yard. Was looking through cars and in the trunk of a off shore built car was a big trunk carpet. Nice backing, black like my package shelf, and the short nappy material. The yard said "take it".
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I have a great package shelf from an 88 TC! It is the charcoal color. I'll sell it for $75 with the speaker grilles. Shipping would probably be kind of pricey though.
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