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Rear Caliper not going in when turned
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Drivers side caliper. Turned it a bunch last night. Nothing. This morning I opened the bleeder. Fluid is coming out. More comes out when I turn it. Still nothing.
So I started pushing as hard as I can against it when I turned (block of wood behind caliper on shock). Still nothing. I measured the piston length, turned 20 times, same length after 20 turns. Not going in.
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Did you open the cap on the fluid reservoir? That helps sometimes. And you did release the parking brake, right? [Image: smile.gif]

Also, I always remove the rotor and then loosely bolt the caliper back in place, that way I can push on it harder and it stays steady.
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Oh ya (regional lingo followed by 'you betcha'). Did check that.

I ended up taking it out, putting it in a vice, and clamping the piston while turning.
Had to clamp it HARD. Used a couple bb's inbetween some metal with lube in the middle where the clamp was on the piston to allow it to turn.
It moved.
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I just did mine yesterday; bought a "universal" tool from NAPA which I had to take to a visit with my bench grinder to render useful. Finally got to work and discovered what a *witch* it is to retract those little buggers!

Anyone know why you have to twist these things to get them to retract? It has me baffled!

Joe F.

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