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Rear caliper bracket P/N confusion
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Hey guys.
Hybridbird, you posted in the part# secion that the rear caliper brackets come with the pins/boots etc.

But then Gary S has one saying they are separate. My pins broke in the bracket, Napa says $10 EACH on the pins w/10 day turnaround.
Called the dealers with the bracket p/n and they said $45 each side (cheapest dealer); and all said they weren't sure it came with pins or not.
So I decided to go with if I can't find a junkyard with one (15 yards, no tbirds so far). But I want to make sure I get everything all at once if I'm going to be waiting a week. Has anyone ordered the brackets and got the pins recently?
One dealer said that Motorcraft changed it recently; and he thought they are separate now. Their computer description only says "caliper".
Thanks thanks thanks.
Oh yeah, what years/other cars can I pull the bracket/pins off that is the same as my 88?

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Cant you drill the slider holes out on your brackets? Be ALOT cheaper.

Jerry R.
Jerry R.

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I got my brackets from fordparts a couple months ago for about $50 for the pair - no slider pins included. Autozone had the pins, and I also got the rubber boots from them. I think I paid about $20 for all the hardware. BTW, I only used the left bracket - the right is still in its box. If you need it I'll mail it to you for $20
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Thanks guys. Life has small miracles.
Yesterday, after posting this and being all pissed I had to wait LONGER, I went to the smoke shop up the street. There's a junkyard next to it, and I just happened to notice a ~93 continental, with rear disc brakes right on the fence next to the shop.
Voila. Exact same bracket. Same pins were frozen as on my car, but not as bad. Worked the pins out and cleaned the bores with steel wool, and I'm good to go. Thanks
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Quote: Oh yeah, what years/other cars can I pull the bracket/pins off that is the same as my 88?

- 93 Continental (from above)
- 93 Cobra
- SHOs ??

What others will interchange ??

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Not that I want to bring bad karma to your find, and I know nothing about Ford pins, but on several of my GM cars the pins, once they got to the point where they froze or corroded, virtually nothing would keep them from sticking again in short order. Just a thought.
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