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Really Need Help/Full Clutch Slave Cylinder Story
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Ok I have checked in the Haynes book I have been to several parts stores and talked to people but they might as well be speaking greek.

When we put the car together sunday night we had pedel pressure after installing the clutch slave cyl. After that we took a break went to Wal-Mart and Wendy's, by the time we got back and gotthe car ready to start we had lost all pedel pressure and fluid had leaked from the slave cyl to the floor.

I have spent most of the day trying to find info on how to bleed the system/slave cyl. I have a spare slave cly on my blue TC but I can not figure out how to remove the damn thing from the line.

The rubber boot is not torn or cracked but the fluid seems to be leaking from around the boot. Is this a common sign of slave cylinder failure?

I hate to sound like a whiny bitch here but at this point I have noooooo idea what the hell I am doing.

But I must say how glad I am to have thing thing starting [Image: smile.gif]

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yes keaking at the boot is a sign of slave remove the line-look where the line goes into the slave cylinder,there should be a small roll pin you push out with a hammer and a small punch, the pin is about 1/8 inch in diamieter. when you get the new slave all hooked up and mounted open the bleeder and let fliud run until it comes out of slave and close the bleeder.have somone hold down the clutch pedal and open the bleeder,close it before fluid stops running out. do this several times,then let the system sit for a couple of minutes then push the fork on the slave in[toward the slave] and hold for 30 seconds, repeat thi about 3 or 4 times, should get you all set.

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