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Ranger rotors? 5-Lug conversion?
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What year Ranger Rotors do I need? Cause I have a 1990 ranger rotor sitting on my work bench as we speak. It's the right diameter but the 85 TC bearing and seals won't work. If I get the seals and bearing for the ranger rotor, will that work?

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Can't give you a straight up answer. If the diameter which you said is the same, and the offset are the same, than finding a bearing and seal to fit the TC axle shaft is the next step. I have converted a few older cars over to newer bearings etc. The Timken Bearing catalouge is a good start. If you can get the bearing and race numbers for the Ranger, you can take the catalouge measurements from them and look for the same race and a bearing combination with the TC's Axle shaft diameter to fit the race and the TC axle. THe seal is a bit easier, as you can always cut the Ranger rotor on a lathe out a bit to take a larger OD seal that still has the ID of the TC axle. I mentioned Timken because there catalouge is really good at sizing and they have a pile of automotive applications out there, so chance of a cross are good. For the seals I am a CR Seals fan, as they seem to have an endless selection.
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