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ranger cam?
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i am prob. going to get my head done and i was wondering what all goes into putting a ranger cam in my car? like what are all the other parts and stuff i need to do for this and what year ranger and all the good stuff thank you all very much i dont know where id be if turbotbird wasnt here i love this site
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89 to 93 Ranger and 91 to 93 Mustangs for the RR cam. At a minimum you will need the cam and the roller followers. The cam is held in place by a retaining plate on the back side of the last cam tower (at the firewall) If changeing the cam is all you want to do, you have to loosen the motor mounts and raise the fron of the engine about 1 to 1 1/2" so the cam will will clear the radiator support wall.

With 150K on it, It might be advisable to pull the head and at least get it a valve job done on it. Have it magnafluxed for cracks. Install new valve guide seals and replace the valve springs. This will require what is called an "upper end" gasket kit. Felpro makes on for around $45 and it includes the 8993PT head gasket. A new set of valve springs will run you around $25-30 at NAPA. Having the head hot tanked and installing new cam bearings is another option. Be sure the block face of the head is checked for flatness. It would be advisable to get a Haynes manual for instructions. See the article "Head Gasket Replacement" in the FAQs for more info.

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