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Radio Question
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I have the original am/fm/cassette radio in my 88TC and I can barely see what station it is on regardless if the lights are on or not. Is there a bulb in the radio that I can change or are they all this way?

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There is a light behind the diplay.But to replace it you'll have to solder in a new one.Try radio shack for the right one.
I think it's just simpler to replace the radio.Maybe someone here has a spare.

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Ah.. I think the bulb is plug in if I remember correctly. I know it was in my 88 Bronco. Seems I also changed it in my 88 TC.

Bulbs are hard to come by tho. I got my last ones at Ford. A lot cheaper than a whole radio.

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TCx2 is correct it just plugs in. The bulb is #37, any good auto parts should have it. To replace it, remove the radio, then the top cover. The bulb is in a socket directly behind the display. Twist the socket to remove it.

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Back when I had stock Ford head units in my cars, I usually just cut the connector off, and get a 12V "grain of wheat" bulb from Radio Shack for $.89, which has wire leads. I solder the bulb leads to the radio leads, stick the bulb in the hole, and secure it with a dab or RTV.

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Jeff> Sounds like an awful lot of work to save a dollar or so.

If I remember correctly I just pulled a bulb out of a spare system sentry panel and threw it in the radio. They should be the same size bulb.

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