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Radiator upgrade or OEM replacement?
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I’m sure it’s been covered in the past, but maybe newer options are available... What’s the best route to take for a new radiator? I have a bone stock and original 86’ TC and I will be looking to keep it mostly stock with some minor bolt-on modifications. I noticed the radiator looked a little crudy, so I’d like to know what is the beat option for a replacement? Again, the car will be a basic bolt-on car, maybe an upgraded turbo and add an IC. Otherwise, a nice cruiser. Let me know whats a good route take and who are the go-to tunerss for our platform.
  Thank you very much in advance.

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I have used both the standard "556" replacement single row as well as the double row "556" which they sometimes call the heavy duty cooling version. Both are cheap, easily available, and they both work well with our cars
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I went with a 3 core aluminum radiator with two fan shroud but I also have a lot of modifications where additional cooling would be beneficial. I think as long as your fans and shroud are in good condition and the application is mostly stock, you'll be fine with either stock options of radiator. This doesn't really apply to the 83-86 crowd but the 87-88 cooling of the radiator is also very dependent on the front lip (lack of open grill).

As far as tuning goes, you have some options. If your application will remain mostly stock, you can probably get away with the stock ECU and injectors. They are very limited though in both power and tunability. I would recommend visiting and taking a look at the FAQ section. There is a ton of information including the capabilities of each platform. With the stock ECU, injectors, pumps, etc., outside of elevated fuel pressure from an adjustable FPR, there's not much you can do.

Your next option is a programmable chip that piggybacks on the stock ECU. I don't have any personal experience with these so I can't comment.

The third option (and best in my opinion) is going with a standalone, plug n play ECU from Stinger Performance (Called the Pimpx/Pimpxs). This ECU replaces your stock ECU gives you full tunability over the car. I have to say that out of all the mods I have done to the car, this has been (by far) the best one. You can tune the car straight from your laptop. The community is great and Shannon from Stinger is extremely helpful. This also converts the car to speed density so the VAM goes in the garbage. I HIGHLY recommend this route if you're looking to tune the car and get the most out of it.
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Any radiator that fits a FOX platform Mustang will fit the Tbird. Tons of options out there for the FOX Mustangs. I have had Summit branded Aluminum radiators in both my TC and 86 Tbird 5.0 for many years. They are really built to high standards and have performed flawlessly and cool way better than any stock replacement.
Jeff Korn

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Check with some local radiator shops. I picked up a 2 core aluminum for a very reasonable price. Generally the core size of a two core aluminum radiator is about 25% larger than a 3 core and will cool more efficiently due better airflow.
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Thank you all for the replies! I'm planning on just the 'basics" for now (K&N intake mod., Gillis Boost valve, and probably a FMIC, eventually replace the whole exhaust with a Stingers dual setup. As I'm still gaining knowledge for what we can and can't do with tuning on this platform, I will base my modifications off cost/budget and availability.
I will probably look into a basic Fox-body 2 row aluminum radiator and once the "support" bolt-ons are in place (radiator, IC, AFPR/255 pump), I will work on adding more power.

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