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Radiator Collector Repair
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Has anyone ever successfully used JB Weld on a radiator? I think I have a situation where it might actually work. I have a pin hole leak on the non-filler side of the collector. It is on the flat portion of the collector. I know that brazing is the best repair method, but their is some risk that it gets destroyed in the process and I really don't want to replace the radiator.
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We have a radiator shop here in town that if you take your radiator to them, you get it back with this light grayish putty stuff over the leaking area. I swear its quicsteel or jb weld or something, and they charge $70 for it....

Jb weld is sopose to be good stuff and Ive heard of people working wonders with it. If your willing to try it, and think you can do it, I say go ahead. But, im not one of the greatest minds in this place. Im just kinda crazy.
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Try it and see. Be sure there is no paint on the area and it is 100% dry and clean. Rough it up good with 40 grit, and be sure to let it fully cure before refilling and driving it.
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