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Rack and pinion leak???
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Pulled the 85 TC in the driveway and the pass side of the rack and pinion is leaking from the boot (as far as I can tell). It left a nice puddle on the driveway. I put a bottle of Lucas stop leak in it and will wait to see if that stops it. Do they make seals that I can change, and if so, how hard is it to do. Thanks
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A reman'ed unit for my '88 was pretty resonable from the Auto-parts store (I want to say about $100?? or less). Comes with both Not too hard to change out either... you may want to consider that route for better reliability.
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+1, I agree with Paul. Easier and more reliable to get a reman and change it out. Plus get a lifetime warranty. Boy those Auto parts guys hate us long term owners!!!
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