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"88 upgrade advice
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Engine work: Bored .020 over, Wiseco pistons, Crower rods, Boport 1.1 big valve kit, Felpro gasket, ARP head studs and main bolts, Adjustable round tooth timing set, Port matched intake and exhaust mans, Opened up and polished all mans, Port matched head, cleaned up and polished combustion chambers.
Parts to be installed: Original Pimp, New ECM harness, Remote TFI, Headlight relays,

Parts still to buy: Garrett GT28 .63 T3 to 5 bolt Ford, Stinger T3 Elbow to full dual exhaust system, Stinger FMIC, Stinger oil feed and returns, , Wideband from Stinger, Big injectors from Stinger, BPV with the FMIC,

Cold air intake (any kit sources?)

New radiator and low profile fans from Gnari?,

Gillis boost control or Stinger electronic boost controller?

The Turbo source wants to know which WG actuator I need (how much boost)?

Am I missing anything? Advice, suggestions and opinions welcome.
It's a manual car.
1988 Auto daily driver
1988 Manual daily driver
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Well, you have a lot of questions and things going on here. Engine wise, you have some good parts going into it to take some boost, 20-25 would be nice there. Wastegates are designed to open at a specific pressure such as 18psi, which will get you 18psi of boost, if using a controller such as a Gillis, you can make more boost using the same wastegate. The Gillis is pretty foolproof and works very well, I bought a Stinger EBC with my Pimp but have not hooked it up yet, still have the Gillis in it set to 20psi on my T3/T4. As you are going with a Pimp and getting rid of the VAM making a fenderwell intake would be easy using a fenderwell mount plate for a fox body Mustang cold air kit. I plan on picking up a used one of these at Carlisle this year to make mine as well. There are no Thunderbird TC specific kits that I know of. Also, with all of the mods you have, I hope you updated your fuel pump to a 255 and changed your fuel filter. Sounds like a fun car
1988 Turbo Coupe, Black/Black, 5 Speed, Moonroof,  T3/T4, ported E6, 255LPH, Kirban, Stinger Exhaust, MGW shifter, K&N, Gillis valve, BP1.5, PIMPx, Koni's
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