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quick tripminder question
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Dummy me forgot to hook up the second ground where there was no wire on the trip plug. What does that cause? I didnt know about cleaning the buttons either so I couldnt set the time or anything and it seems that my "time" button isnt working. One other thing, when I am looking at the mpg used or something, its not jumping back to the time with the "reset" under it, is this because I never set the time? So I guess tomorrow im taking it out to clean the buttons and hook up that second ground. Im curious tho what not having that second ground does because my fuel gauge quit working, all other gauges are fine. Hoping its related.

EDIT: Found the answer about not getting a fuel consumption reading without the 2nd ground, so now im wondering why no fuel gauge reading.
1988 Turbo Coupe - A237 cam, K&N Cone, T3(.60-.63), 255 Walbro, Gillis BV, gutted and knifed intakes, ported e6, 3" elbow/dp to dual 2.5s, Kirban and spearco fmic.

Up next, ported head, t3/t4 upgrade.

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