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quick racing fix i need help
hey racing guys i got an 88 thunderbird turbo coupe. My friends saw the movie the fast and the furious (4 cylinder imports movie about racing) so for my tbird has been able to smoke them but i want to keep my edge its on a old beast keep in mind and i dont know a lot about engines (i got a good idea) but can someone recomend me a quick way to add a lot of horsepower. Im looking at MSD ingnitions for a start. but all help will be appreciated.

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See the thread "Racing" just below this one and follow that. The MSD ignition is not what you need first. just do a tune up with Ford parts, especially the Motor Craft plug wires.

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and jack rails.
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What type of horsepower you want to get.

For Starters turn up the boost. Cheap

Run a straight throught muffler dynomax ultra flow. Better yet get a 3" downpipe and 3" cat with a 3" ultraflow.

Clean your IC and make sure its in good shape.

Run a bigger IC, swap cams, Bigger turbo, Ported exhaust,

Theres tons of stuff you can do, but it depends on what you want to get and what you want to spend.

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