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Quick Question about Window being off track..(specific)
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What's the easiest way to get the inside of the door off to get to the glass in the first place? Aren't there clips? What kind and will I have to replace them or can they be reused. I'm kinda foggy on the subject. By the way, the FAQ article is nice when it comes gluing the window back onto the track.

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There are plastic clips holding the door trim panel on. They will most likely be destroyed removing them. Ford has them as well as most parts stores. Get a good trim removal tool and be gentle. Don't do it with screwdrivers.

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Ditto what Pete said... DON'T DO IT WITH A SCREWDRIVER! The door panel is partical board and you can/will rip the holes out that holds the clips in, thus your panel will not stay tight up to the door.

Once the panel is off, carefully peel back as much of the plastic cover as needed, then use duct tape to reapply it.
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MAKE SURE YOU PUT THAT PLASTIC SHEET BACK ON THE DOOR. it is calle dthe vapor barrar, i took mine out when i redid my windows and door locks a few motnsh ago, and i can hear lots of road noise!

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