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Questions about MegaSquirt
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I've been doing a lot of reading on MegaSquirt the past couple of nights and most of my questions are answered, but there is one more mystery lingering that I can't seem to solve-

When one adds MegaSquirt to a TC or otherwise EEC-IV controlled TF, how do you control the spark? I'm under the impression that if you bypass the EEC-IV with the MegaSquirt that you will no longer get spark, thus something has to be rigged to get spark/timing advance back (seeing as how MS only controls fuel)? I'm totally confused here. Can someone shed some light on this for me?

I know there is MegaSquirt'n'Spark but does this have to be used or is there a way around it??? And if it does have to be used, how much harder is it to set up? I'm kind of leary of setting the MS up but I know I can get it.

Ryan Harris

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The later version of megasquirt has spark control. I don't know if it has been released yet. On Turboford there are several people using it. I can't remember how they did spark. They may have went with DIS.
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