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Questions about Bosch bypass valve
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I installed a fmic a few weeks ago and took on one long test drive. Noticing the trailer hitching was worse and researched doing a bypass valve.
I havnt driven it since, been waiting on getting a new radiator.
I had a Bosch bypass valve I bought about 10 years ago from forced four. So I bought the needed hoses and started plumbing it in.
I have it on the throttle body side and hooked up. But I have it unhooked from the Turbo inlet. And the inlet hose to the Turbo is block off.
I had to move the car out of the garage yesterday and it wouldn't stay running.
The valve is "bypassing" at idle so I have an unmetered air leak right now. I unhooked the vac line to the bypass valve and was able to move it.
Question is: is this normal? It bypasses at idle, or high vacuum conditions?
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No idea on the style of BPV you own. I had a DSM BPV on my car around 8 years ago, it had trouble idling and running while I had the valve installed.
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the vac signal at idle is normally enough to open the bosch or dsm bpv. if you have it vented and are still running the VAM, it needs a check valve on the dump to atmosphere.

if you link it so its venting back in front of the turbo, then you dont need the check valve & you shouldnt have any issues.

thought this was old news by now fellas! lol

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