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Question about boost
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I have a stock BCS and the switch is set to premium. My question is does it wait till i hit a certain rpm to give me 15psi or is it suppose to give me 15psi whatever rpm. Cause it seems like it holds 10 until i get above 3800rpm then it hits 15psi. What is your guys take on this besides getting a Manual BC Tongue

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I assume you are talking about an 87 Turbocoupe. It should go to 15 psi earlier in first and second gears. But in 3rd - 5th it will only go to 15 psi. around 4000 RPM's. It was limited in the 87 and then it was changed for the 88 Turbocoupes in their LA3 computers. Now if you put a boost valve in their you should get full boost in all gears and earlier. It is my understanding that the computer lets it go to 4000 when the conditions are right or when it goes above 4000 RPM's. My brother's car did the same thing in 3rd - 5th until 4000 but with the homemade boost valve it went to full boost (17 psi) in all gears by 2600 RPM's. Hope that helps you!

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OOOPS forgot that part it is an 88TC (pssst it is in my screan name too) actually 87 3rd, 4th and 5th they never got above 12 psi
and 88TC was in all gears. But here is also the case I have a BCS from a 85 does that matter?

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and according to the VIN number it is an 88TC

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I have two 88 TC 5spds. Both of them had the 10 psi til you get to 4400 rpm thing going on. Bypassing the bcs took care of it. 1st and 2nd gear was all the way to 15psi and 3rd-5th was 10psi til 4400 rpm before the bypass. Now all gears go to 17psi at 2600 rpm. Good luck!

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