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Question about '86 XR7 engine in '88 TC
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Ok, the question is about an '86 XR7 engine in an '88 TC. I was looking at an '88 TC that's for sale locally, and it is in good shape with leather guts et all, but when I popped the hood, there sat a T3 with no intercooler. I asked the guy about it and he said he swapped the engine because the old one was smoking (he still has the original engine, it's included in the sale, and he says that he later found out that the smoking problem turned out to be the turbo letting oil into the intake), and that he got this engine from an '86 XR7.

Now, when I drove the car it seemed to have pulled fairly decent, and according to the boost gauge it was making 15PSI, but I have a few questions.

I know the '86 was rated at 155 horsepower compared to the '87's 190. Was this difference due to engine or computer? In other words, if I were to buy this car and install the intercooler (I know the T3 would require modification to mount the intercooler), would it run at '88 power levels? Or is it already running at '88 power levels without the intercooler? 15PSI sounds kinda high for no intercooler, but I heard or felt no signs of detonation and it pulled hard.

I'm kinda leery about this car. The body is great but the engine compartment looks hacked. The loom is missing off a bunch of wiring harnesses, making it look like a real rat's nest. I'm guessing this was done in order to make an '86 engine work on an '88 compter.

Oh yeah, he wants $3k Canadian for it. I know I could probably get it for $2k CDN, but an inner voice is telling me that this car could be trouble. Anyone got any opinions?

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If your making 15 psi with the T3 and it's got the 87 or88 computer you are probably making close to 190 HP. 15 psi is pushing without an inter cooler but the T3 is probably more efficient at that level than an IHI.

If your gut says this isn't the right deal, walk away.
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