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q's about front brakes
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im about to dive into the front brakes on my 88 ive got New rotors new wagner thermoquiet pads new federal mougle wheel bearings and seals, im going to inspect the ball joints but probably will hold off on replaceing them since ill be replaceing the shocks as soon as i get my konis rebuilt, im trying to track down some slider/guide pins for the front, the guide pins are just the bolts that hold the caliper to the spindle frame right??? also how do i go about greasing the pins when i install them.
also can i just leave the brake line connected to the caliper so i wont have to bleed them after words or will it be to hard to retract the piston??? thanks for your help
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The front brakes are pretty easy. The slider pins are basicaly the bolts that hold the caliper to the spindle. Clean them up with some emery cloth and apply some grease to them. You can just spread some grease on them. Wipe any that comes out near the bolt head.

Take the caliper off and use a wire coat hanger to hold it up. I usualy bend one end in half and put it in one of the holes on the strut tower, that way it is held in place. The kink in the hanger should not easily slide through the hold in the strut tower. The other around the caliper, be sure that the caliper does not fall and rip the brake line.

TOTH if the lines are real old or original they are going to be real dry and brittle and will easily rip or leak if your not very careful. You might just want to replace them if you have the time to bleed the brakes. The hoses are easy to replace, just might need some heat to get the soft lines off the hard lines.


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Ford has a special silicone dielectric grease that they reccomend using on the slider pins. IIRC it's only about seven or eight bucks for a tube and it'll last a long time.

Don't forget to replace any rubber boots with new ones - cheap insurance.

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