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PSi levels
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I currently swap my automatic to a 5speed.Where are the psi suppose to be at.Like what psi and what rpm and so on.I just want to make sure.I am look at my stock turbo gauge.Its like 5-8psi at 3000-4500rpm maybe in that range.Then it on 10psi above 4500rpm.And also are you supposed to be getting 14psi since its a 5 speed or in order to do that you have a to have a gills valve.

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Youwon't get 14-15 psi in all gears unless you changed to a later 1988 5 spd computer.

There are variations on the boost levels depending on auto or stick, then 87 and early build 88 vs later build 88. There are plenty pf past posts about this. Get a gillis valve and set it and forget it. It gets you around various factory limitations.
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All that you have to do is just take the BCS out of the vac system. It is the little round cylinder on the passenger side strut tower just beisde the turbo. It will have two vac lines comming from it. Just disconnect the the vac line that goes to the snout and the I/C then take one of the hoses and just bypass the thing. VIOLA!!! Now you have 14-15 PSI of boost in every gear. That is basically what you do when you install a Gillis Valve. Anyways, mine is that way with no ill effects.

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