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programed ride control struts for 88 turbo coupe
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Bought my turbo new in 1988   Has 50 thousand miles on it .  Left prc shock froze  Right one  is ok  put KYB's on it   They work good but would like to put the prc's back on it....impossible to find .  any suggestions.... or does anybody have any for sale?

Jeff K Offline
The PRC shocks and struts are not available new anywhere at any price. Several years ago I saw a few used ones on Ebay that were going for over $500 EACH. Havent seen any since then.
Jeff Korn

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I've got two cars I'm going to be pulling them off at some point in the near future. I can try to figure out if they work.

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ok if they work let me know and im interested in purchasing them e mail is [email protected] thanks

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These are some of the TC parts I have for sale:
- 4 ea. new PRC shocks still in boxes.
- complete set of new (not in box) front lights (headlights, outer lights and inner lights).
- I have quite a few other new/like new parts

If interested, email me: [email protected]. I tried to upload pic's but had no luck .... I'm sure it was something I didn't do.

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