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Product survey, please respond. Thank you!
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I have gotten a firm to make new decals for the center console plates (single and dual power seat) as well as the door lock covers and switches. Problem is, they are prohibitively expensive to design but once done, will be cheap to make. Retail will be $29.95 for the center console or door lock set or $55 for both. Initialy just the original black w/white lettering will be available, but I can have carbon fiber/white and turned aluminum (match the dash face)/black made at no additional costs. I will be taking a huge gamble that my small company just cannot afford if they don't sell. So, who wants some? Anybody willing to make pre-orders? Please let me know your opinions (as well as your wallets opinion).

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I'd like to see some pics, but sounds good.

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If you have a steady hand and use some care you can use press on lettering and then spray a clearcoat over it. I've done this many times on prototype projects and it looks professional when done properly, and is a lot less expensive. IMO the NRE charges are going to kill you.

Just my 2¢ worth.

Joe F.

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I would be interested in a replacement plate for My TC. I would like to see a picture first though.

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I would be very intersted in a set.Of course I am like everyone else, I would also like to see a sample.

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I'd be interested in 3 to 6 full sets...not all at once me quality...I'll buy!

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Garry McVey "BIRDS OF A FEATHER" TBird TC owners are usually wingin' it
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I also would be interested in a couple sets of the decals let us know when you get some pictures.

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I am also interested. send pics when you have them.
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Like other quite interested but want to see a picture...also curious what material the decal is made of

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