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Problem after brake upgrade.
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I just completed my vacuum brake change over using Sn 95 brakes . Master cylinder,  front and rear calipers,  and rotators. All from a v6 98 mustang. I have brakes but only half pedal. Pedal does not start braking until bout half travel. I have bled the brakes thoroughly. Any ideas ?
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Pushrod too short???
Jeff Korn

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I did run it out some. Maybe not enough. I feel like I still have air in the lines. I can pump them and get a better pedal. I have noticed during bleeding, air is getting sucked in around the threads on the bleeder. I'm gonna wrap them in thread tape and see if that helps. Thanks Jeff
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Chas K 88 Offline
Jeff!!! What a thing to ask (Pushrod too short?) Smile

Shiloh66 "air is getting sucked in around the threads on the bleeder". Not sure how you're doing this but I have an idea you have a hose on the bleeder going into a jar, doing all the work yourself. Get an assistant and a drain pan, have them pump the pedal 3-4 times and hold. You crack the bleeders open and close them when fluid/bubbles quit coming out, then repeat until you get no more bubbles and move to the next. Make sure your assistant knows not to let off the pedal until you close the bleeder, or air can get sucked back in. Don't forget to keep an eye on the reservoir level or you have to start over.

I've also heard a good way to bleed brakes is to open each bleeder and let gravity do the work, but that seems messy to me. The fluid would just cover everything in its path as it follows gravity. Under pressure you can control where the fluid goes.

Hope this helps.
Chas K
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Did you bleed the master cylinder before installing it? You have to bench bleed them prior to installing.
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Yes. Thanks . After driving it for several miles, brakes seem better
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