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Price of gas
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I just paid $1.73 a gal. for 93 Sunoco. What are you guys paying for gas? If the price keeps going up it's going to be expensive by the time Carlisle comes around.
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Getting close to $1.80 for 93 here...

Shame of it is it's just gouging...not supply and demand !
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Stop complaining. Up here in Toronto it is 2.60 american a gallon for the 93. Remember, if you don't push these cars they're pretty good on gas. I know, its hard not to though, isn't it.

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HAHAHA, in SC I pay a whoping $1.48 for 87 and $1.58 for 93!!

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Hey guys, stop complaining!! Here in Finland where I live, gas price is about 4,20 dollars per gallon . We have very high gas tax and threat of Iraq war is also rising prices her in Europe

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Lauri Salokangas
Tampere, Finland

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I filled up the Audi last night at Shell for $1.93/gallon of 93 octane. Damn that car is tough on gas.

If it would warm up and melt the snow and ice I could drive my TC. :-(
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It is around $1.80+ for Sunoco 94 here in Indiana. Good news is that the state has anounced yesterday that they are investigating the pricing of each station (or at least chain) and will prosicute anyone caught gouging on gas prices. This happened right after 911 and they did prosicute some and the rest got the idea and changed their prices. All we have now to drive is Tbird and my 87tc is better in the winter then the wife's 88 lx 3.8. So I am driving it all the time still. No problems so far.
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At least most of you can FIND 93 octane. The BEST stuff here in KS is 92 and only Amoco has that. It's $1.85/gal. 95% of the places here only have 91.
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$1.72 and counting, even worse i just got my heating bill today, $324.00 for one month natural gas. This is all getting out of hand. I understand that with the cold winter, many refineries are spending more time refining heating oil and less gas which leads to a tighter gas supply, but like Dan E says it amounts to alot of gouging. Thats what AAA is reprting anyway. But Natural gas just went up 25% since Jan according to my bill. I'm ready to move south. Anyone know the availablility of TC parts in Guatamala?

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