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I can't believe the price so I had to post.

I ran across the last 2 100w H3's on a shelf while looking for something else, and the package was marked $.59; the price of some lense guards below it. When the bar code rang up for $7.99 I pointed out the sticker price and the counter person adjusted the price without blinking. So I'll put my foglight relay to work now!
Big Grin
Sold it Sad*

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Good score, Matt.

Many years back, I was at a Target store, buying some Mobil 1, which was marked on the shelf at $2.99/qt (I said it was many years back). At the checkout, it scanned for $.69/qt, which I believe was the price for the same grade Mobil "regular" dyno oil. I took that oil out to my car, went back in, threw every quart of that grade M1 they had in a cart, went to a differnet checker, and walked out with another 20 or so quarts on M1 at $.69/qt!
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Way to go Matt!

Jeff, done like a true TurboForder Big Grin
Pete Dunham


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Gotta love them 'puters!
Sold it Sad*

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My dad was doing a roll on bed liner for my grandmas friend, he went to wal-fart to buy the kit they only charged him for the roller and pan, the bed liner it self was like $60.00 he got it all for less than 10!
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Many years ago also, I was at NTB, it was kinda crowded and I bought 4-brand new tires. 245/50x16 in front and 255/50x16 in back. When they called my name letting me know my T-Bird was done, they gave me the whole clear plastic hanging folder with my key and invoice. I tried 3 times to get the salesperson attention wanting to pay and go home. The third and final time I interrupted a manager and he told me, and I quote, "Sir! I don't have time to deal with you! You can come back tomorrow or call before you come here....Who's next?..SO I LEFT!
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Now thats a Deal!
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