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PRC strut bracket
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No worries 88, I do have at least two of them though if you still need them.
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I happened to find this info on an old FAQ page: Programmed Ride Control Actuator Repair - by Don H. I found that the actuators get stuck internally. The actuator is a small reversible motor. When the programmed ride control calls for firm or soft settings voltage is applied to spin a rotor about 90 degrees. This happens so quickly they put little rubber bumpers inside the actuators to stop the rotor movement and absorb the shock of it turning. The little rubber bumpers turn to goo inside and the rotor gets stuck at the firm or soft setting. You have to remover the actuator from the top of the shock by squeezing the white plastic retainer. Once off and disconnected carefully pry up the two metal tabs on the wire retaining clip and remove the clip. Next, pry up the tabs holding the case of the actuator together and separate the case. Inside you will find the rotor, a wire wound disk. Remove this and clean the black goo off the rotor and inside the case under the magnets. Thoroughly clean the contacts on the underside of the rotor and the semi circular contact in the case. These may be burned at one end or the other, so get that all off. The two dissolved rubber bumpers have to be replaced with firm rubber 5/16 inch long. I cut pieces of vacuum hose that length, and cutting that piece into thirds along the length. The whole idea is to get the proper length bumper in place. When you take the actuator apart, the problem and the solution will be more obvious than I can describe.
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